Canary Wharf Consulting

Investment Advisory / Corporate finance and private equity consulting

In today’s globalized markets, there are numerous investment opportunities for all investment profiles.

Our Investment Advisory practice helps our clients to:

• Identify their investment profile (risk lovers, risk averters, risk neutrals).

• Explore their options in both domestic and international markets

• Develop the investment portfolio that best suits their needs

The essence of investment advisory is not only to identify potential investment opportunities but also to perform a thorough research in order to provide an accurate estimate on the clients’ expected returns and on the related risks (market risk, financial risk, opportunity cost etc.).

Through diligent investment evaluation, using both quantitative (NPV, IRR, sensitivity analysis) and qualitative (market analysis, sector/segment analysis, scenario analysis) tools, we develop a number of suggestions for our clients making sure that their needs are met. Additionally, our professionals provide support throughout the whole life cycle of the investment and make sure to identify the optimal stage to divest thus maximizing the investor’s wealth.


Our experts, in collaboration with a wide network of external consultants, have significant experience conducting in-depth feasibility assessments. This not only involves examining the feasibility of specific investment plans but also supporting their implementation, from a business, operations and resource optimization perspective.

A good working knowledge of national and global financial systems, our experience in establishing new business, buy outs, mergers and acquisitions and our highly-skilled team’s wide range of specialization (legal, financial, accounting), give CWC a comparative advantage.

Our services also include using the appropriate financial tools for any given investment plan, utilising financial schemes such as grants and subsidies (eg. Investment Law, NSRF co-financed programmes) as well as finding alternative sources of funding (raising capital from stock exchange markets, etc). We also provide managerial support during the implementation of investment plans so as to assure compliance with all obligations deriving from the agreed financing scheme.

Maintaining low financial risk is not only desired by company’s shareholders, but is also a positive signal to the market, and decisively contributes to sustainability and development. This goal demands the development of an appropriate strategy for the management of fixed assets and current and future obligations. Our experience in this sector includes the development and implementation of risk reduction strategies and investigation of alternative financial opportunities for the company and its investment plans.

Bringing through mergers and acquisitions is among the most complex business activities an organization organizations together will ever undertake. A merger or acquisition can add considerable value to a business and all involved parties, but making sure that each stage of the transaction process is successful demands considerable experience and knowledge. In the past, Canary Wharf Consulting Ltd has helped a large number of high-profile, dynamic companies navigate complex transactions - whether buying or selling - with speed and agility. From deal strategy, through due diligence and to the integration of a new business or separation of an entity, we have helped our clients solve problems, manage risks and seize opportunities to unlock their potential for growth. Services provided include: i) Market Research for potential partners / targets for acquisition, ii) Due Diligence, iii) Business Valuation, iv) Transaction Support, v) Facilitation of New Business Integration, vi) Policies / Processes Alignment Strategy.

Greece traditionally presents a prime investment opportunity in the tourism sector. As a result of the recent financial crisis the Greek tourism industry is currently undergoing a major strategic restructuring and consolidation process. Having absorbed the knowledge of the reality and current situation in the Greek context, Canary Wharf Consulting Ltd is providing integrated investment opportunities to its clients, in projects related to:

  • Privatization of key tourist and transport state assets (marinas, regional airports, tourism properties etc.)
  • Development of premium tourism resorts, to be supported with special funding and tax incentives, as recently announced by the Greek government (investment law)
  • Significant know how in debt restructuring of real estate companies and hotel enterprises operating in Greece









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