Storyliving: Enabling youth with developmental disabilities & mental health disorders to share their COVID-19 experiences through digital storytelling

Storyliving, led by Social Policy Academy, will create a training and host a platform to help youth with ASD/mental health disorders cope with the pandemic, support youth trainers, educators and social workers and increase their capacity to use storytelling in their work.

Additionally, it will promote the social inclusion of youth with ASD/ mental health disorders through storytelling and raise awareness about the special issues that people with ASD / mental health disorders face during the COVID-19 outbreak.

CWC will be responsible for the development of the training and hosting platform with the training modules developed under IO1 which will allow users to publish their own digital stories. The e-learning platform will function as follow-up support structure for professionals and youth organizations who wish to learn about the power of digital storytelling and how it can support professionals and youth organizations in their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.