POLITEIA - Promoting global citizenship education in schools

The POLITEIA project, led by Canary Wharf Consulting, seeks to build an innovative, tailored training course addressed to teachers to allow them to confidently bring global citizenship issues in the classroom, integrate its themes and values in the citizenship course or across curricula and ignite students interest in global citizenship


.The project's main target group is teachers of all subjects that are currently working in secondary education but it is also open to teachers in their initial training. The project will also benefit: school authorities and public authorities in charge of education, policy makers at all levels as well as civil society actors that are working in the field of non-formal education.

The main objectives of the project is to:

  • Enhance the competences of teachers to understand and integrate global citizenship education in their teaching
  • Strengthen the provision of global citizenship education in schools with innovative methods, tools and resources
  • Promote the inclusion of global citizenship education in school curricula

The project in its 24-month duration expects to bring the following results:

  • A new course for teachers on global citizenship to contribute to their professional development
  • A toolkit for integrating Global Citizenship education in the teaching process
  • The Global citizenship education online platform where teachers can find resources, network and exchange experiences
  • Guidelines for school authorities on how to incorporate Global citizenship in school curricula
  • Recommendations and lessons learnt addressed to policy and decision makers at national and European level on integrating Global citizenship in formal education.

Canary Wharf Consulting is responsible for Mainstreaming Global citizenship education in secondary education.


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