MESfIA is a new ERASMUS+ EU funded project that brings together EU and South East Asian countries to develop education and training at Postgraduate level on various aspects of energy engineering, dedicated to isolated regions and mainly islands.

“Promoting Meaningful Integration of 3rd Country National Children to Education” (IntegratEd) is funded by the the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and aims at strengthening the successful participation of newly arrived third-country national children in education and contributing to combatting discrimination against third-country national children in the educational environment in Greece, Italy & Spain (which are the countries mostly affected by the current migration flows), and the EU in general.

“EhanCing the ParticipatiOn and Learning Performance of Migrant and RefUgee Children in PRimary School Education” (E-COURSE), financed by Erasmus+, aims at enhancing the participation and learning performance of newly arrived migrant and refugee children in primary education, thus addressing the priority of social inclusion, fostering the development of social, intercultural competences, combating discrimination, segregation, racism, bullying and violence, and enhancing the access, participation and learning performance of disadvantaged learners, reducing disparities in learning outcomes.


“APPLE: eArly warning Platform to Prevent youth from dropping out of schooL Education” is a European initiative, which aims at tackling Early School Leaving, by developing an innovative guide for educators and an early warning platform, that will enable educators, schools and authorities to easier identify youth at risk of dropping-out.

“Building advanced media literacy competences and digital skills of low-skilled adults 45+ through social media” (MedLit#45+), financed by the Erasmus+ Programme, aims at promoting the social and economic inclusion of low-skilled/ low-qualified adults 45+ excluded from the labour market through advanced media literacy competence and digital skills focusing on the use and utilization of social media for professional purposes.

“PROMoting Youth Social Entrepreneurship” (PROMYSE), financed by Erasmus+ Programme, is a youth-led, transnational project that aims at enhancing the quality and relevance of the learning offer in education, training and youth work by developing a new, innovate and youth-led course for young prospective social entrepreneurs (with an emphasis on NEETS), and by supporting the adoption of best practices in promoting social entrepreneurship in the health and social care fields.









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