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It is widely accepted that companies lacking vision and strategy rarely grow and hardly remain sustainable. Adapting daily operations to long-term goals while properly assessing risks is a certain way for a company to successfully grow, out-compete its rivals and create real value for its shareholders.

The development and refinement of corporate strategy includes the evaluation, review and adaptation of the company’s vision and targets while taking into account the sector’s latest data and economic conditions. The review of the corporate strategy results in a new business plan (new long-term goals, key performance indicators) and an assessment of the current operational and organisational model’s ability to support the new strategy.

Business planning is crucial throughout the lifecycle of a company. At its initial stages, a business plan may help in:

  • The objective evaluation of the potential financial returns of a new business venture
  • The identification of critical success factors (CSFs)
  • Attracting investors by clearly communicating the business dynamics
  • Providing a roadmap and a benchmark against which future performance can be measured

At its maturity stage, a business plan is useful in order to:

  • Ensure shareholders of the management’s commitment to specific goals
  • Attract new investors (IPO, Issuance of new shares)
  • Attract government grants by committing to certain goals (new job opportunities, sustainable growth, green development)
  • Access new sources of external financing (Bank loans, Bonds)
  • Achieve strategic partnerships

Even in harsh times, the business plans are the means to:

  • Renegotiate financing terms with financial institutions. This way, liquidity that is crucial for a company’s survival and recovery, can be provided.
  • Identify divestment options
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Commit to a reengineering / turn around strategy

Canary Wharf Consulting Ltd is committed to developing tailor-made business plans. Its experienced consultants can help you refine your ideas and strategies, and mold them into a viable business. We challenge your assumptions, fill gaps in your thinking, do ample of independent research and analysis (through primary and secondary sources), and help formulate business models, tactics, and strategies. We help crystalize your long-term competitive differentiation, identify target markets, and plan for business scalability. And then we help you express it in a compelling package that is most appropriate for your specific situation and target audience.

The assessment and monitoring of a company’s effectiveness and efficiency is a complex process. Executives and shareholders need a set of indicators in order to be able to measure the company’s performance. The use of such indicators can increase company value as they are a reliable source of constant information on all important company parameters such as effectiveness, competitiveness, market share, sales categories, productivity, current company culture, goals met, etc.

CWC provides customized solutions according to your organization’s structure, its goals and strategic vision, CWC is able to create a dynamic set of tools for assessing organizational performance and efficiency for executives, allowing them to make informed decisions based in the most up-to-date data available.

As an integrated function which combines all the commercial activities and the distribution of a company’s product and/or services, marketing has become extremely important due to the new challenges of the current economic environment originating mainly from globalization and the resultant ever-growing competition. Innovation and rapid development of new marketing strategies impels companies to take new initiatives and actions so they can keep up with new developments. Digital and social media marketing, for example, is not an alternative method of product and services promotion but rather one which incorporates all traditional and modern methods of marketing (i.e. promotion, advertising etc).

The services we offer include the drafting and implementation of marketing plans which improve commercial activities and the distribution of companies’ products or services after we have thoroughly studied and determined all parameters related to their commercialization: product (inspection of the product’s characteristics), price (review of the price determination model), distribution (study of the product’s distribution channels) and promotion (assessment of current promotion and communication activities based on the characteristics of the product).

Innovation and development are historically connected. The importance of creating comparative advantage through innovation is continuously increasing. In the current economic environment in which a) it is extremely difficult to safeguard copyright and patent protection, b) the initial design and the development costs of new products is often very high due to R&D expenses and c) economies of scale are prevailing for an increasing number of products, innovation is perhaps the unique way for a company to gain comparative advantages and create real values.

We offer services which include the investigation and introduction of innovative solutions to company operations, primarily through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Examples of innovative applications are digital marketing, the use of the internet as a basic promotional tool and as a commercial transaction platform and the development of electronic distribution channels.









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