The challenges and opportunities of integrating third-country national children in the education system during the COVID-19 pandemic were discussed in the online stakeholder meeting of the European funded project “Integrated: Promoting Meaningful Integration of 3rd Country National Children to Education”, which took place on the 20th of October.


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The leaflet of our project "Integrated" is now available. 

By supporting the development and implementation of educational support models for newly arrived third-country national children in Greece, Italy and Spain – including academic support, parental involvement and intercultural education and public awareness raising – INTEGRATED will contribute to the elimination of the educational disadvantages TCN children experience and will enhance their participation in education.

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Children with a migrant background tend to have lower educational performance and are more likely to leave school early than children from a native background. According to Eurostat data, young non-EU-born, over the 2008-15 period, had the highest early leaving rate from education of all population groups.

Within this context, the new European initiative “Integrated: Promoting Meaningful Integration of 3rd Country National Children to Education”, funded by AMIF, aims at better integrating the newly arrived third-country national children (TCN) in educational systems in Greece, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom.

The main activities of Integrated are as following:

  • Survey for the identification of policies and practices regarding the inclusion of TCN children
  • Development of the educational support model for TCN children
  • Mentor’s Guide
  • Information booklet for the educational systems
  • Guide on developing and implementing diversity school policies and action plans

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Download the press release here.

The E-Course project meeting took place in Athens, Greece on September 19th, 2019.

The meeting was hosted by Greek partner, KMOP - Social Action and Innovation Project









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