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General Manager of Canary Wharf Consulting Ltd is one of its founders, Ms. Danai Papadimitriou (BSc in Finance – City University, Cass Business School, UK). We employ and also collaborate with highly experienced experts, from a wide range of complementary fields of specialisation. Our extensive network of local and international external consultants enables for Canary Wharf Consulting to meet any client demands or consulting needs.

Michail Kefaloyannis


University of Cologne - Germany Diploma in Economics
Baruch College – New York USA MBA in General Management

Mr. Kefaloyannis has been Group Vice Chairman & Senior Investment Officer at DEMCO Group since early 2009 until the end of 2013 (total assets under management of appr. $1 billion). He has co-lead the successful acquisition of Village Cinemas and Village Films from Village Roadshow Australia (Village is the absolute market leader in Cinema entertainment and Film distribution in Greece) as well as the successful comeback of the Group in insurance through a series of acquisitions in the Cyprus insurance market in order to create Prime Insurance.

Mr. Kefaloyannis has also served as DEMCO Group’s Managing Director & Executive Vice President in the period between early 2003 until the end of 2006. Prior to that Michail turned around the Group’s telecoms investment and operating company CosmoTelco/CosmoLine in a three year period by investing successfully in the region in a partnership with MATAV/DEUTSCHE TELEKOM. During the period 2000-2003 Mr. Kefalogiannis served as General Manager International Operations of Interamerican Insurance Group.

Michail Kefaloyannis has also headed as Project Manager several important projects of the Greek Goverment. In the period between 2007 and 2009 Michail coordinated and co-managed the whole privatization process of Olympic Airways (OA) on the side of the Greek Government ranging from the successful EU approval process for the OA sale through the Transportation and Competition authorities, the launch of the public tender and ultimately the successful completion of the privatization in March 2009. In the period 2012 - 2014 Mr. Kefalogiannis lead the establishment of the Greek Investment Fund (IFG), a joint successful initiative of the Greek Government together with the German Development Bank KFW, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the French Treasury and the Onassis Foundation.

Mr. Kefaloyannis has worked as a Principal for a regional private equity fund (the venture capital arm of Emporiki Bank of Greece) for another five years (late 1995 – early 2000) thus being an investment manager for the last 20 years.

Additionally, he serves as Chairman on the board of Greek Tourism and Hotel Enterprises of Crete SA, a 4* and 5* resort hotel operator in Crete (where he maintains a significant business interest).

Mr. Kefalogiannis was born in Crete, Greece in 1964.









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