• Investment advisory / Corporate finance & private equity consulting

    In today’s globalized markets, there are numerous investment opportunities for all investment profiles. Our Investment Advisory practice includes:
    Assessment of investment planning and investigation of alternate funding sources, Financial risk management, M&A Advisory
    Canary Wharf Value Partners has helped a large number of high-profile, dynamic companies navigate complex transactions

  • Investment advisory / Corporate finance & private equity consulting

    Special Emphasis on Real estate & Tourism
    Greece traditionally presents a prime investment opportunity in the tourism sector. As a result of the recent financial crisis the Greek tourism industry is currently undergoing a major strategic restructuring and consolidation process.

  • Financial / Debt restructuring

    Alternative sources of financing are evaluated and debt restructuring plans are proposed based on the clients’ special needs.
    Additionally, professional support is provided in negotiations with financial institutions

  • Corporate restructuring

    Each restructuring scenario requires a different set of capabilities, and Canary Wharf Value Partners offers a broad array of relevant services, tailored to each customer’s special needs.
    We can help you identify and evaluate your options, put together an effective and comprehensive restructuring plan, improve the efficiency of your transactions and achieve your long-term objectives

  • Business development

    Canary Wharf Value Partners is committed to developing tailor-made business plans.Our highly qualified professionals can help you carry out the model review,
    model support and model-build activities you need to make key decisions and improve your strategic outcomes.
    CWVP provides customized solutions according to your organization’s structure, its goals and strategic vision.

  • Privatization sevices

    CWVP’s executives, with their experience in the field of privatization, provide consultancy services to ministries, public authorities, utilities, investors and financial institutions.
    They place themselves as a bridge between the private and the public sectors and are frequently called upon to provide advice to existing institutions.

CANARY WHARF CONSULTING LTD is an international consulting company providing services to clients in both the public and the private sector.

Its emphasis on providing quality services, along with its commitment to maximizing its effectiveness have been CWC’s core values from the very first day of its establishment. To ensure the provision of high quality and value adding services, we design innovative solutions fully tailored to the prevailing financial framework and clients’ needs.

Our consultants’ extensive knowledge of the financial environment combined with the services we utilise from a global network of external experts enables us to provide integrated solutions and services which address clients’ needs.

Our headquarters are located in Canary Wharf, London (23A Belgrave Court, 36 Westferry Circus, London) and we also have offices in Athens, Greece.

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23A Belgrave Court
36 Westferry Circus

London, E148RL
Tel: +44 020 3229 0295


Sterling House
2B Fulbourne Rd
London, E17 4EE